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Kudos 90: Good Stuff and Plenty of It

Kudos 90, runs right up until March 31, and beyond

Like the stuff of legends: BWF, all in a good cause (Macmillans), and see how well you can do with Poetry on the Lake.

Going international (Chapter One Promotions), further withBluethumbnail/ Limnisa, even further with Final Chapters et, bien sûr avec Les Champs Creatifs:

Onward, to get the goods from Northampton, Southport, Verulam and Ware, or Fish and Frogmore and mustn’t miss Mslexia  or David Burland.

Plus interesting Words + a NOA [number of acronyms]: Bridgwater; RBA; RSPB & Rialto; Villa Marguerite Yourcenar; Wenlock


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