Missed the deadline for the Science Fiction short story competition? A short reprieve

We are happy to say that the inaugural Words Just Words science fiction short story competition has attracted entries from across the globe.

However, communicating in different languages can sometimes lead to confusion, which can cause difficulties for entrants. For that reason, in response to some emails from people interested in entering the competition, we have decided that the fairest thing to do is to extend the deadline to 10th June.

We feel this allows for anyone who feels they may have been disadvantaged by any misunderstandings to have a reasonable chance to prepare their entries while respecting the efforts of those who worked hard to submit their entries before the original deadlines.

It also offers an unexpected reprieve for those who may have just missed the entry date. So, if that’s you, this is your second chance! The dates for the announcement of winners and publication remain unchanged.

Many thanks to those who have entered. The judging has already begun and the array of approaches and writing styles is already impressive.

Clearly a great many of you have taken care to thoughtfully construct your stories and we appreciate the effort and sheer emotional investment that entering creative writing can demand.

Good luck!

Enter here.


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