Anthology published

Finally, the wait is over. The Science Fiction Anthology paperback has been published and is available through

If You Could Only See Yourself and Other Stories (ISBN 9781291055450) features 18 new science fiction short stories and costs £9.99 (+p&p).

We hope everyone will enjoy reading the book, which has an impressive range of fantastic stories from an internationally diverse group of talented writers. Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition.





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7 responses to “Anthology published

  1. Being one of the writers, I am curious if we will receive a free copy through the mail? If not, it’s fine, but I would definitely appreciate it!

  2. May I ask how many writers entered the comp?

  3. Tuan

    Tuan Ho here (author of A Moment in Time)

    Nice cover. (who was the artist behind that face?)

  4. Tuan

    WJW, you should also write a post announcing the eBook version of the anthology.

    It will save some writers a bit of money compared with buying the paperback.

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